BI TAD®Cellular

BI TAD®,the Transdermal Alcohol Detector, is the industry’s first device to conveniently offer agencies, DUI/DWI courts, and treatment providers with continuous alcohol and radio frequency monitoring, in a single transmitter. Trusted and court-validated, BI TAD senses alcohol through the skin, allowing judges and community corrections officers to effectively monitor sobriety and curfews of high-risk, DUI and alcohol offenders.

Key features

  • Alcohol and Curfew Monitoring Combined 
  • Advanced Technology, Yet Easy-to-Use
  • Court Admissible
  • Seven Tamper-Resistant Features

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, Plus RF


Seven Tamper-Resistant Features

TAD utilizes seven tamper-resistant features, including proximity, motion, skin-contact sensors and fiber-optic strap detection. When a user tampers with or removes the TAD ankle monitor, officers promptly receive violation alerts via text, email, or fax. Combined, these technologies deliver comprehensive protection against client tampering and help ensure system integrity.