This whole process is new to me. Where do I start and who do I call if I have questions? 

  • We understand that in most cases this process can be a bit overwhelming. Our office has a 24hr/day local call center ready to help you though the process. Just give us a call at 586-466-4388!

Do I need to have a landline to be on tether? 

  • No, all of our devices are cellular and do not require the defendant to have a landline.

Can I take showers, baths or swim with the tether on? 

  • Yes, you can take showers with the tethers on. No, you cannot take baths or swim. Though all of our devices are waterproof, they may not be submerged. 

Can I wear cologne, perfume, lotions  and deodorant while on tether?

  • The answer is "yes" you can wear all of the above; however, if the aforementioned contain alcohol then they must be used sparingly and only worn above the waist. Lotions not containing alcohol can be worn on the legs,but must not be used below the knee on the leg the tether is on. 

Can I color or dye my hair?

  •  Yes, in a well-ventilated area. However, it is recommended that you not use any products containing alcohol around the unit itself.  

Will my medications affect the tether?

  • It is your responsibility to research the products you are putting into your body. It is important to read labels and check with your pharmacist before taking medications that could contain alcohol. (Example: Nyquil contains 10% alcohol per dose) 

I don't want my co-workers to know I am on tether. Do the tethers make noise?

  • The only tether that we carry that makes any kind of noise is the GPS tether. When there is an alert, the unit will vibrate on the defendant's ankle letting them know that a corrective action must be taken. 

Can I still workout on tether?  

  • Absolutely! Exercise is good for you and we encourage it as long as it is allowed by the supervising agency or court. We recommend pulling a sock over the device to keep it from bouncing while you work out.