Soberlink 2


What is Soberlink

Soberlink provides the most innovative solution for remote alcohol monitoring. Soberlink combines a professional grade Breathalyzer that is wirelessly connected to a cloud-based web portal. The technology uses facial recognition to confirm identity, tamper resistant sensors to ensure integrity of the tests, and automation to create a seamless monitoring solution. In 2016, Soberlink gained FDA 510(k) clearance for medical use and is widely accepted by major treatment facilities and clinical programs across the country. Soberlink has been a trusted alcohol monitoring solution for criminal justice, workplace compliance, addiction treatment, and family law since 2011.


Linking Sobriety with Technology

Sober Sky is a cloud-based recovery management software that automates the alcohol testing process from start to finish. Sober Sky can be customized to fit a variety of needs or programs and is the engine behind the user-friendly Soberlink System.


  • Adaptive Facial Recognition technology
  • Tamper detection
  • Real-time text message reminders and Alerts
  • Customizable scheduling
  • Automated reporting options


Automated Reminders and Alerts

  • Customizable testing schedules
  • Text message reminders for Clients
  • Email/text message Alerts for designated Contacts
  • Automated overview Reports – daily, weekly, monthly